TopQuants is a non-profit networking organization – by quants for quants. TopQuants was initiated in 2011 by quantitative analysts (quants) based in the Netherlands.

The mission of TopQuants is to foster the professional exchange between quants – across organizations and asset classes, with a focus on recent developments in model building and validation, and with the due attention for risk-managerial and regulatory aspects.

TopQuants believes that it can help to stimulate such a professional exchange in various ways – by holding symposia (once or twice a year), by organizing informal get-togethers, by hosting the TopQuants webpage including a bulletin board etc.

TopQuants is also what you make of it! If you are a quant based in the Netherlands, please contact us and let us know your suggestions. You are also welcome to join one of our informal meetings, usually held every few weeks not too far from the Amsterdam Zuidas.

TopQuants is still in its start-up phase, with lots of opportunities to give the organization shape. We are looking forward to your contributions!

For more information please contact: TopQuants
Diederik Fokkema
Drona Kandhai
Marieke van der Klip
Tim Mexner
Tomas Nord
Magda Sebestean
Caroline Tan
Bastiaan Verhoef