Are you still on the right track?

Quants Only is specialized in recruitment and coaching of Quantitative professionals and starters. Through workshops and career counselling Quants Only helps you to identify your abilities and match these with a challenging work environment.

Orientation and competency workshop:

Many Quants often underestimate themselves when they are asked to analyze their skills, accomplishments, knowledge, and goals. Quants usually say things like: "I have intermediate skills or I haven't done anything worth mentioning." In this training course self-analysis is a required assignment. After this training you will be ready for your job hunt.

Resume Training:

Resumes have only one goal; which is being invited for an interview! After this training you will have a professional looking resume.

Interview Training:

During this training you will be introduced to standard interview questions, practice answering questions and get tips on how to make a good first impression.

Career coach:

Are you more interested in one on one feedback? Quants Only offers personal career coaching to help you find the job that’s perfect for you by examining your likes and dislikes, skills, priorities and goals for the future.

Feel free to contact Quants Only for advice or subscribe to one of the upcoming events.