Be ready for your next move!

Whether you're a young professional who's already part of the working world, a mid-career professional looking to make a career change or a recent college graduate just beginning your career search, Quants Only can help you navigate your transition.


Research indicates that many students have a hard time finding the right first job. Many students leave their first job within the first 2 years. Quants Only understands that it can be difficult for starters to find out what kind of job best matches their interests and abilities. Through cv and interview training Quants Only helps starters to prepare for their first job hunt.

Young Professionals:

Are you a young professional looking for a different challenge? Do you find your job too quantitative, or is the job just not quantitative enough? Quants Only can help you navigate your transition by means of an orientation interview or one of the interview and resume workshops.

Experienced professionals:

You like your job but you are curious about other opportunities in the market. Quants Only can offer you a discrete orientation interview. During this interview Quants Only looks at the competencies you posses and you can find out more about our careers on offer.

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