CV Training Maastricht University

Tuesday, Feb 09 - 19:00

Following a Quants Only training, what is in it for you?

What do A‐list companies focus on when looking at a resume? How do you write a convincing letter and what do you put in your resume? Did you experience all ready how hard it can be to put your past experiences on paper? Are you aware of your possibilities after graduating? Application do’s and don’ts! Answers to these questions will be addressed in the resume and interview training.

Who will provide the training?

Marieke van der Klip provides the Quants Only application training. Marieke is an experienced recruitment professional; she gained experience at Accenture, Abn Amro and Nidera. Over the years Marieke has increased her network in the quantitative world.

Preparation for the training:

Prepare your resume.
Please email your resume 3 days in advance of the workshop to
Marieke will give you feedback on your resume during or after the workshop.